FIE World Cup Satellite, SAF-Pokalen and the Rehbinder Prize, January 13-14, 2018

Stockholm Fencing Club (SAF) together with Stockholm Fencing Federation, on behalf of the Swedish Fencing Federation, takes great pleasure in inviting you to our FIE World Cup Satellite 2018. It will be the 47th SAF-POKALEN (men’s epée) and the 17th REHBINDER PRIZE (women’s epée). 

the organizing committee

Live Results - SAF Pokalen 17/18

Live Results - Rehbinder Prize 17/18


Participation is not limited, and is open to all fencers with a valid 2017-2018 FIE license.

International entries to be made by the National Federation via the FIE website as per FIE rules.

Swedish fencers must pre-register in the Ophardt system no later than 30 days before the competition (deadline December 14th, 2017).

Entry fee

International fencers may pay the entry fee of € 35 or SEK 350 on site prior to the start of the competition, see schedule for times.

Swedish fencers pay SEK 350 to SAF’s Plusgiro 451680-3.

Equipment control

Control of equipment will be performed for mask, glove and epées. Please refer to schedule for times to do equipment control.


1-4 fencers: No referee obligation
5-9 fencers: Obligation to provide 1 FIE referee
10 or more fencers: Obligation to provide 2 FIE referees

Delegations who fail to provide the required number of referees must pay a fine of EUR 1000 per missing referee.


Federations who need a visa to enter Sweden should contact the consulates or embassies in their country on time. If you require an official letter of invitation for your visa, please send your request to


Stockholm Fencing Club (SAF)


Mobile: +46 (0) 70-65 723 55 (Erika Ornstein, chairman of the committee)

Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers. See you in January!

Welcome to Stockholm!

Latest news about SAF-pokalen & the Rehbinder Prize

Live streaming of SAF-pokalen and the Rehbinder Prize

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General info

Hotel registration form for discount

All delegations must arrange for their own accommodation. We recommend the following hotel located close to the tournament venue: 

Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, Stockholm

The hotel offers our fencers SEK 980/night for single room and SEK 1050/night for double rooms. 

To get the discount, use the following registration form and send it to to book your room

Click here to get the discount registration form

Discount offer is only valid until December 15st.

Live results

SAF-pokalen, January 13th:

Click here: Live results for SAF Pokalen 17/18!

Rehbinder Prize, January 14th: 

Click here: Live results for the Rehbinder Prize 17/18!


Friday January 12, 2018

19.00-21.00 registration/payment and equipment control open

Saturday January 13, 2018 - Epée Men individual – SAF-pokalen

07.30-08.30 registration/payment
07.30-17.30 equipment control open
08.30 last call
09.00 start of pre-qualification pool
~17.30 semi-finals followed by final

Sunday January 14, 2018 - Epée Women individual – Rehbinder Prize

07.30-08.30 registration/payment
07.30-08.30 equipment control open (also possible during Saturday)
08.30 last call
09.00 start of pre-qualification pool
~17.00 semi-finals followed by final


Ringvägen 70

View map below

Competition rules

The tournament will be run in accordance with FIE Rules for Competition for Satellite events. FIE license is required.

Formula: There will be one pre-tournament round of pools with no elimination. Results from the pre-tournament pool will be used to seed the qualifying pool. 20-30% of fencers will be eliminated at the end of the qualifying round.